Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Spirit of '45 for Our Times


The Daily Mail's rabid attack on the 'socialism' of Ed Miliband presages dire concerns about the approach of the media towards the Labour Party in the run-up to the general election 2015.

Celebrating VE Day, London 1945
As we approach a screening and panel discussion of Ken Loach's new film, The Spirit of '45, at Ruskin College this Friday (book free tickets here:, it is clear that the Tories, and their acolytes in the rightwing press, will do all they can to intimidate the electorate with revisionist scare stories of Labour in power, including an assault on the labour movement.

The Spirit of '45 is the obvious antidote to the Tory poison, but we are left with some profound questions about where that spirit exists in the modern Labour Party, if at all, and if not who acts as its custodian.

Joining us at Ruskin for a post-screening panel discussion will be Dot Pearson (National Pensioners' Convention) and Alex Gordon (RMT) who feature in the film and who will help kick-off a debate around the implications of the film for where we are now.

If you can join us please do for what promises to be a lively, entertaining evening.

In Solidarity


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