Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Future that Works


The turnout on Sunday for the demonstration in support of the NHS (and everything else under assault by the Coalition) was fantastic, and so I just wanted to post some pictures. Naturally enough the turn out from trade union branches in the North West was particularly strong, but the the UK as a whole was represented really well.

What a stark contrast to the Daily Mail's vile attack on Ralph Miliband over the weekend to see thousands of trade unionists reject the narrow hatred of the right - both in government and the attack dogs in the media - by coming together and advocating so passionately and positively for a future that works. A future that offers stability, fairness, a living wage and ultimately some degree of dignity regardless of age, employment status, who you are and where you come from.

When we screen the new Ken Loach film, the Spirit of '45, to the new students at Ruskin on 11th October they will get some sense of what happens when a government commits to make those ideals a reality, not least by creating the NHS. What we must explore by extension however, is to how to maintain the fight against the Coalition and continue to defend public services across the UK.





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