Monday, 25 June 2012

Global Labour Solidarity: Alive & Well - UNITE Conference Brighton

Am at the UNITE conference in Brighton with my colleague Tracy Walsh promoting the international labour and trade union studies BA and MA at Ruskin.

And, as an additon to the last post, I came across (pictured left) Philip Mutete who was at Ruskin in the 70's and came to Ruskin from the Ugandan Textile and Garment Workers Union as a result of harassment he was receiving from Idi Amin's regime. Philip strode up to the stall and said, quite right, 'Ruskin, my college!'.

It was Philip's experience at Ruskin - he went back to Uganda for a period after Ruskin - that led him to come back to the UK and to his current role at Kraft Foods in Banbury and his current role as UNITE activist.

One of the great experiences of working at Ruskin is coming across alumni who are still active somewhere in the global labor movement - a testimony to our durability

And, just to prove that we are working hard, a picture (below) of Tracy and I on the joint Ruskin-UNITE education stall.
In Solidarity

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