Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Colombia: International solidarity is essential

A further post from Brighton, and on the theme of international labour solidarity, but this time following a moving speech here from Nidia Quintero during a lunchtime fringe event today.

Nidia is an exeutive commitee member of FENSUAGRO, the Colombian agricultural workers union. FENSUAGRO has received considerable international support from UNITE and the USW, in alliance with Justice for Colombia, in their fight against brutal state repression. Nidia recounted the murder of her husband and son for the trade union and political activities, but emphasised the centrality of international solidarity action and support as a key means to sustain Colombian workers.
We also heard from a number of other speakers during the event, including Vicky Phillips of Thompsons, who delivered their own perspectives on life in Colombia following a recent visit. A key theme that came out of these contributions was that life for women and the poor was just as harsh as it is for trade unionists.

Pictured above is my colleague Tracy Walsh with Nidia.

Join Justice for Colombia and help support the struggle of workers and their familes.

In Solidarity


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