Thursday, 7 July 2011

Turn the Tide


The phone hacking scandal could prove to be a critical juncture at which to strike definitively at News International and Murdoch.

There is plenty going at the moment and you should see it as your duty to get involved.

Sign up for the protests that are being organised by the new FaceBook group - they are working constructively to chuck high grade oil onto the flames which are licking the heels of those companies which are fleeing the NI stable:!/boycottNOTW#!/boycottNOTW?sk=photos

There is the explictly anti-Murdoch/BSkyB petition at 38 Degree:

Avaaz too are taking the NoW scandal to attempt the BSkyB takeover:

I have even come across Tories (without whom where would Murdoch be?!) attempting to hitch a ride on the boycott wagon!

In Solidarity



Jenni Ashton said...

What a victory! Gone, but not forgotten - and let's give the bastards a further kicking once (if?) the enquiry starts

My concern though is that Murdoch and NI have done enough to allow the ConDems to give them BSkyB - this is where real power/money/influence is.

At least we have a victory of sorts and I will be pleased never to see the f****n rag on a Sunday morning ever again!

In Solidarity


John Clements said...

Look at the power of your blog Ian,

One day you post an item calling for the end of the NoW, on seeing this Murdoch collapses, and closes the rag - victory to you!

Even if not the case, this is a great day for a better form of journalism in this country and a dent in the power of Murdoch over political life.

Take care.


Ian Manborde said...

Thanks Jenni and John for your comments on the 'victory'!

With the news today that Coulson has been arrested it seems, hopefully that we are heading in the right trajectory.

Although my particular concern within the NoW debacle that the role of the police is properly investigated and blame laid where it should be. First, why has the phone hacking investigation been handled so badly from start to finish by the Met and second, perhaps more importantly, what are they going to do about corrupt officers who took money to hand over information?

For too long this known practice has been allowed to fester undermining both press reporting and criminal investigations - but why?

Perhaps now we can bring out into the open malpractice on a range of fronts.

It is a pity though that this work will need to be overseen by the Tories. Whilst New Labour played a significant role in embedding Murdoch into daily political life in the UK, it is the Tories who have the closest organic relationship with him, NI and Brooks.

We can only watch, wait and remain vigilant as this business plays out.


ShopSteward85 said...

Hi Ian,

Despite the rain outside, what a glorious day for the future of a more open, bipartisan press in the UK - even if it doesn't happen the past few days has shown that it might!

Some great pieces in the Guardian today, some of it from the NUJ President, Donnacha DeLong, about the history of News International keeping the NUJ out by creating a scab/yellow union News Int Staff Assoc.

It appears however, in the light of the brutal treatment of NoW staff that staff at The Times are preparing to join the NUJ and push for recognition - good luck to them!

The TU Cert Officer had never recognised the NISA as being sufficiently independent of NI so surely the NUJ is in with a shout?

All of this sounds promising Ian I must say both on a press freedom and TU rights front.

As you would say, 'all good stuff'!

In Solidarity