Friday, 1 July 2011

This is What Anger Looks Like!


Despite the under-reporting of the fantastic turnout for yesterday's day of action, I am pleased to read this morning the news of concerted strike action across the UK.

I am also pleased to record my own, small contribution to the action in Oxford city centre yesterday where hundreds of trade unionists took over the city centre at lunchtime.

The two pictures here are testimony to the proud throng which bemused tourists and delighted the
locals. Although the ConDems will continue to paint us as a minority, they cannot contain the pure anger that was out on the street yesterday.

I look forward the the planned waves of further action and guarantee you that Ruskin College staff will be there taking a rightful place amongst sisters and brothers of the British labour movement.

In Solidarity.



Ash said...

Good man Ian!

Good to see the pics of action/protest in Oxford - it was great in Leicester too.

Onwards to the next phase!


Ian Manborde said...

Thanks Ash,

What was it like in Leicester?

Hope to see you soon.


Jenni Ashton said...

Well done Ian - looks like you had a great time in Oxford - I am looking forward to the next stage in the campaign! Jen

John Clements said...

Looks you had a grand day out in Oxford - can't say the same for my small part of the country. Ah well, we all play our part!


Ian Manborde said...

Thanks John,

Remind me please, where are you based/live again?



ShopSteward85 said...

Revolution in Oxford eh? As someone famous, I wonder who, once said, oh the times they are a changing.

Keep up the good work in Oxford Ian, that soft underbelly of the British upper classes!