Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Procession of the Damned

Colleagues, You must wonder whether turkeys do indeed vote for christmas with the news this morning that something called the 'Event & Movement - Rally Against Debt' is planning a pro-cuts march. Pro-cuts?! I do hope these people very quickly and quite desparately require the services of an element of the public sector and of one of its employees that they seem to despise so much. You don't like to stereotype but you know automatically what type of character will appear (if they do appear) when you read on their web-site (http://rallyagainstdebt.org/) that the initiative was the brainchild of UKIP fiends going by the names of Annabel and Harry. We mustn't however write this initiative off. As discussed in today's Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/apr/04/pro-cuts-rally-against-debt?INTCMP=SRCH) this cabal has the potential to (de)generate into a UK version of the Tea Party Movement - of which they claim they won't be - until the Guardian identifies clear, tangible alliances between the people behind the pro-cuts march and the anti-Obama rightwing movement in the US. We cannot dismiss them neither as these people are the continuum of the far-right's politics of hatred for any form of initiative that seeks to address and redress the fallout from hardline neoliberal economic and social policies. All being well the left and the TU movement in this country is able to develop a sizeable response to what these people are doing and, hopefully, the police will not intervene when they are chased into the Thames by the Black Bloc! I look forward to seeing you in London on May 14 (the date they reckon they will be on the streets) and I very much look forward to what a good friend of mind would call 'a ruck' (i.e. a fight). Cheers Ian PS: Thanks to Roger Sutton (GFTU) for the picture from TUC March on 26th March. See all pictures here: www.gftu.org/content/3/1/10/article/75/


Ash said...

Let them march, I like to see the enemy out in the open. Usually this scum send in abusive letters to the media or just let off their rancid steam behind closed doors.

Silent fkng majority they call themselves! These bastards run the country and want more cuts - fine, let's give them cuts, broken bones, the lot - bring it on!

Araf Zeinab said...

So, these people favour cuts on the basis that they champion the debauched behaviour of the financial services sector and care not for tax avoidance on a billion pound scale. I look forward to seeing their banners, what will they say?

Ian Manborde said...

Thanks Ash,

As you say, thes people call themselves a silent majority when they typically form the most consistent whingeing bastards going!

See you on 14th May if thing of theirs takes off.


Jenni Ashton said...


I didn't think this was serious until I followed the different web links and also caught site of a news item earlier this week.

What a cheek, and what exactly do these people want - less nurses, police, libraries etc?

I am baffled to say the least. If I can make a counter demo I will and if not for anything else just so I can see what kind of people actually think we need to kill off the NHS!


John Clements said...

Britain's tea party movement on the march then eh? I shall look forward to being close enough to this lot to let them know what the cuts mean in terms of people lives - jobs lost and people made more vulnerable.

I truly hope that some of these people fall ill or in same way need a public service on the day, just so that we can gloat over the bastards. If nothing else we know that they will be relying on the police to keep us and them apart.

If you get any more news about what the TU movement is doing please e-mail me direct Ian.

Thanks - John

ShopSteward85 said...

Are this lot still marching on 14th?

Jas said...

Let them march - looking forward to it!