Sunday, 27 March 2011

A March for the Alternative

Colleagues, a great day was spent in London yesterday for the highly successful TUC March for the Alternative. I was able to travel down with Manjit Singh (TSSA Steward at Coventry Railway Station) and his son Bally (last pictures shown below) and was pleased to bump into so many friends and colleagues along the route of the march. A great head of steam was built up yesterday, it is important that we use own 'kettle' to help create some momentum behind the sheer anger and force that it across the UK.


Muhammed said...

Ay up Ian - good to see you lasy Saturday - and good pics too. As you know I was forced to accompany friends to a local boozer near trafalgar square, but we was with the march in spirit - literally speaking! I see your latest piece about some arseholes marching because they want cuts. Ah well let em, we'll leave them with a few cuts of their own eh? Looks like another trip to London will be just as enjoyable. Hope to see you down there for the 2nd round.


Araf Zeinab said...

Good pictures - a great day had by all!

Ian Manborde said...

Thanks brother - good to see you too - I always had you down as an armchair revolutionary until last week!

What a day, and, if the event on 14 May goes ahead - what a great day we can have again!

Please let me know if you plan to go to London on 14th.



Jenni Ashton said...

Sorry for the delay in replying to this post Ian - I went on to Scotland after the March last weekend and am only just back.

Can't believe that it's a week already and what a FANTASTIC day!

Looking forward to the next event linked to the anti-cuts movement.

Speak soon.


John Clements said...

Great pics from the 26th - have just posted an item on the nutters for the cuts peice. John

Ian Manborde said...

Thanks John - Hope we can catch up soon. Ian