Friday, 15 May 2009

The Era of Anti-Politics


Just back from a few days at Northern College and then today working with a fantastic group of activists from NAPO.

Whilst at Northern a colleague Phil Fitzpatrick drew my attention to the BNP's strategic (see image left) take on the mess that is parliamentary democracy in the UK.

As we rush head-long into the Euro elections on the 4th June the BNP has been offered the keen of marketing dream they could never of hoped for.

Positioning themselves as the anti-politics party of the UK it is likely that the BNP will poll well in two weeks time. We know of course that this bunch is far from anti-politics but how do we convince an electorate digusted with the greed of MPs that they don't all deserve a kicking via the Euro elections?

How goes the MP's expenses discussions in your own workplaces and do you sense a mood to vote for the BNP?




Jenny Harvey said...

The euro elections terrify us in Stoke.
The word is that if Nick Griffin gets elected to the North West he is going to buy a house and base himself here.
Not sure if the MPs expenses issue gets th BNP more votes but it sure as hell hits the turnout for the mainstream parties, therby increasing their share.

ian said...

This is a real worry.

The amount of members I know who just wont be voting is worrying. This will give the BNP a foot in the door straight away.

Ian Manborde said...

Hi Ian,

Yes, you're right - the issue of complete withdrawal is actually more serious - I think - that support for the BNP as it ultimately enables the BNP to creep into mainstream politics via apathy.

Thanks for the comment.