Friday, 16 January 2009

Trade Union Humanitarian Assistance for Gaza


Can I urgently ask you to support the TUC's current Give for Gaza campaign. You can donate online and get further information at:

The global labour movement response has been overwhelming and the image here shows the ITUC co-ordinated first shipment of supplies to Gaza via Egypt being shipped on 9th January.

The ITUC reported that:

The first humanitarian flight, on a plane made available by Royal Jordanian Airways, arrived yesterday afternoon at Al-Areesh airport in Egypt, near to the border with Gaza. The cargo, including three ambulances, a range of medical supplies, milk for babies, rice, wheat and children’s food, will be distributed inside Gaza by the Red Crescent. The aid consignment was the first delivery under the appeal made by the ITUC, ITF, the GFJTU Jordan and the PGFTU Palestine.

Give what you can colleagues or better still organise a whip-round at work and/or ask your trade union branch, region or nationally to make a donation.

No need for a discussion or debate about this item.

Many thanks



Sunny said...

Thanks for doing this

TGWU Rep said...


I don't know where to start in commenting on this mainly as I was disgusted the BBCs non support of the advert for funds.

I hope the TUC and others get some contributions.