Sunday, 25 January 2009

Thompsons Weekly Labour & European Law Report


From January I will be contributing a quarterly column to the weekly edition of Thompsons Weekly Labour & European Law Report. You can view the latest edition and sign up for the e-version by going to:

My column will provide a short, topical focus on an employment law matter of direct interest to trade union representatives. The first is a focus on the ACAS consultation on paid time off for trade union reps.

I'll place a link to the latest version at some point on the blog. In the meantime please wait for number 101 of the LELR (29 January) to be published to read my article.

Any comments on what I have written and ideas for future editions are welcome.




Jenny Harvey said...

Thanks, I will sign up straight away

Ian Manborde said...

Hi Jenny,

I scent a hint of sarcasm in your comment - or am I being paranoid?

Regardless, this item (and other Thompsons Publications) should be core reading for a UNISON branch sec of your calibre!



TGWU Rep said...


Will look out for this. Do I have to subscribe to get this?