Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May Day Around the World


It still sadly seems that around the world workers cannot come together for just one day in the year to celebrate the historical and contemporary relevance of organised labour.
Labourstart has (as usual) some very good coverage of the attacks on workers' organisations. The picture shown here pictures workers being tear gassed by riot police in Istanbul.

Can colleagues please post a reply about what you did on May Day?




Ian Manborde said...


This is a poor. I can't beleive that not one of the hundreds of TU activists and officers that I meet evry year haven't got at least one tale to re-count regarding May Day.

Come on!


Jaswant said...

Hi Ian,

Apologies for not contributing.

For May Day we had a poster up in the union office with some snide remarks from the GMB convenor the had hadn't the time for it.

The regional council in Sheffield made a donation, I think, to the Cuba Solidarity campaign.

Pretty poor all round I know.

I've signed up for the course we talked about last time we met so I'll see you in July.



Peter said...

Oh dear,

I think this past us by. Perhaps it's a sad reflection on the trade union movement.