Saturday, 23 December 2017

On New Terrain: How Capital is Re-shaping the Battleground of Class War

Dear Colleagues,

Yet more apologies for the lack of posts since starting working for Equity.

As a final post for 2018 I thought I'd give a plug for the new book from veteran activist and author Kim Moody, On New Terrain: How capital is re-shaping the battleground of class war.

I am particularly honoured in being asked to write a review of Kim's new book for the British Journal of Industrial Relations (BJIR).

Kim's output has been particularly valuable for those working with trade union activists and officials on their response to major change in the global political economy of work. His 1997 book, Workers in a Lean World, is a classic account of organised Labour's response globally to the concerted efforts to downsize and introduce lean production. I, and many others, drew heavily on the book in teaching with trade unionists, and devising policy and campaign strategies.

Similarly, this latest book provides a thorough analysis of how new, thoughtful strategies of workers' organisation despite can respond to aggressive strategies globally to increase productive output at the economic and social cost of the global working class.

Full book details are here:

I'll post the link once the review is finished.

I wish you a good break over Xmas, and a new year full of promise for workers' organisation.

In Solidarity


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