Thursday, 20 August 2015

Protect the Right to Strike: Join the TUC Campaign


I wrote earlier in the year about the attempt by the employer's group within the ILO to challenge the fundamental right to strike in ILO Convention 87. One of the points I had commented on was that part of the group's intention was to limit appeals to the ILO when national governments started to reform/repeal domestic frameworks for industrial action.

The UK Conservative government's Trade Union Bill will pose massive challenges to trade unions undertaking lawful industrial action. See details of the Bill's assault on workers' rights here:

Please also sign up to support the TUC's campaign against the Bill here:

You will also find it really useful/valuable to follow the analyse of the implications of the Bill by Ralph Darlington at Salford University. He has already co-written a particularly valuable piece of research which has examined the implications of the proposed balloting reforms using prior industrial action in the UK - his analysis is both optimistic and pessimistic about the implications of the Bill.

For on-going coverage/analysis follow Ralph's blog 

To read the comparative industrial action research see this:

I will also be covering the implications of the Bill, and the Act if it cannot be overturned.
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