Wednesday, 9 July 2014

An Expression of Solidarity for Striking Public Sector Workers on 10th July

My dear sisters and brothers,

On behalf of many trade union students who have been and will be at Ruskin, and the UCU branch here, I extend a message of solidarity to all those hundreds of thousands of public sector workers on strike tomorrow.

I won't use this message to send a long, unnecessary message, other than to say, when Manny Ness visited Ruskin several weeks ago to launch his new book ( he spoke distinctly about the importance of struggle/action/resistance as a key means by which workers build their experience of the value of collection organisation.

So, although the strike tomorrow is only one part of a long-term struggle for decent pay and social justice, it impact on those workers involved are immense, and help us build a mass movement for further, continued action.

The image below is taken from last general strike in India in 2012, a country which, I argue, sends a message of internal hope for the future of organised labour, as 100 million workers gathered over two days to send a powerful message to workers globally.

In Solidarity


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