Wednesday, 4 June 2014

21st June @ Ruskin College: A Celebration of the History & Future of Organised Labour


You are all welcome to come to Ruskin on 21st June to share in a celebration of the ways in which workers and communities come together to resist and respond to external pressure and/or assault.

At 12.30 Professor Manny Ness will discuss his new book, New Forms of Worker Organisation, as part of a national book launch tour, taking in visits also to several IWW branches across the UK. I am delighted that Manny has agreed to feature Ruskin as part of his itinerary and I look forward to a discussion of his analysis for the future of organised labour. There is a dedicated website for the new book here:

From 2.30pm onwards Ruskin will host, in collaboration with Oxford & District Trades Council a celebration and exploration of the role of women during the epic miners' strike dispute of 1984-85. The afternoon event will centre around a screening of the film 'Going Through the Change' from Oxford-based film maker Anne-Marie Sweeney which explores the impact of involvement in the strike on the lives of  women involved in the dispute. There will be several speakers from the national Women Against Pit Closures campaign (NWAPC) who will help provide specific insight on this impact. There is a social event from 7.30pm onwards at East Oxford Community Centre.

For further details and information about the day please email me:

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