Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Inequality within and among Nations: Causes, Effects, and Responses (IX Global Labour University Conference)


Just a brief(ish) post from Berlin at the start of the overlapping 9th Global Labour University conference and the 8th GLU Alumni Summer School. This yearly event - so long as it's held here in Berlin - is a major date in my calendar as it allows me to keep on top of not only the latest research and discussions in the broad field of labour studies, but examine/analyse also the phenomenal output of GLU students who have completed the sister MA to the programme I run at Ruskin.

The programmes, papers etc for both events are here, and you'll find much to interest you if your concern is the future of organised labour, the global economic/social plight of workers and the wide range of associated factors in-between:


As you'll see from a quick glance at the range/scope of both events, what is being discussed over the next few days are some of the most profound concerns affecting the status and conditions of workers globally.

From mega sports events to textile production in Bangladesh little will be missed in examining and exploring how organised labour addresses the major issues of concern to workers, their families and the communities they belong to.

Sign up to the periodic Global Labour Column as a way of staying abreast of the work of the GLU and of the research/thinking at the cutting edge of labour studies:


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