Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Future of Organised Labour: MA ILTUS @ Ruskin College

I am now recruiting the next cohort of the MA in international labour and trade union studies (ILTUS) at Ruskin College, Oxford. If you follow this blog you'll know that I report on my work, and that of other teachers and students, regularly. I am proud to say that Ruskin still plays a major role in the delivery of trade union education, and the MA ILTUS is the only programme of its type in the UK.
I have compiled this short promotional video having interviewed graduating students of the 2010-12 cohort who attended their graduation ceremony in August, and current students who were attending a residential workshop in September to prepare for their second year of part-time study in 2014-15. These are trade union activists and officials from the UK and overseas and offer a snapshot of their view on what they have gained from the MA and/or why they enrolled.
I would be very grateful if you would signpost interested colleagues to this clip. My contact details appear at the end and interested trade unionists are invited to attend a comprehensive open day on Saturday 15th Nov and in 2014: 8th Feb, 22nd March and 7th June. This is a great way to meet current students and discuss their MA experience informally over lunch, read examples of the outstanding research completed by past students and see samples of the books, journals etc., read by students as part of their MA study. Thanks! Ian

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