Thursday, 21 March 2013

LMU Update: The Fight Continues


I had hoped to add Steve Jeffries' name to that of Max and Jawad in having the suspension lifted.

However, even though that did happen, in it's place has come further draconian action by LMU.

Here is a statement which has just been released by Steve:

My suspension for 'potential gross misconduct' was lifted last Wednesday, as was Max Watson, the UNISON chair. This followed Malcolm Gillies deciding that Jawad Botmeh, the victim of a major miscarriage of justice who served nearly 14 years in jail before he joined the WLRI, should be welcomed back to the university.

I have no doubt that our return to work was the result of the huge international campaign against the victimisation of trade union and staff representatives and in defence of academic freedom at Londonmet. UCU and UNISON were 100% in support, some 600 letters were written to Gillies and 2,500 people signed the petition.

Sadly, though, the university has not entirely put this affair behind it. Both Max and I were charged last Friday with 'serious misconduct' in relation to Jawad's appointment to a casual three-month admin post in 2008. My hearing is now scheduled for April 17.
To add to this Jawad has been dragged into the ensuing 'investigation' involving these allegations.
I shall keep you updated but please use the links provided in other LMU posts to follow the on-going campaign.
In Solidarity

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