Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MA ILTUS Cohort 2012-14: The Hard Work Starts Here


I am very proud to introduce the students of the 2012-14 MA international labour and trade union studies (ILTUS) at Ruskin College, Oxford.

Drawn from a variety of countries, unions and sectors the new cohort are amongst the very best in the history of Ruskin's work with labour movement activists globally. I look forward to working with these sisters and brothers on our innovative MA programme.

Over the next two years (one year for the full-timers) these trade unionists will uncover, discuss, analyse and interpret the major challenges that labour movements face globally, and explore the extent to which we can respond to these challenges.

Our students will then go on to complete a  dissertation which allows them to generate an original insight and awareness of how we can secure the long-term future of trade unions.

The work of MA alumni is spread across labour movements and, whilst we wait for Ruskin's new MA ILTUS students to get started on their own areas of research, here is (very small) flavour of the output of our past students:

Carol Jess (MA 2008-10) wrote her dissertation around the phenomenon of partnership working within the financial services sector. Carol has just had an article published by the Global Labour Column of the Global Labour University:

Mary Compton (MA 2010-12) wrote her dissertation around the negative impact of neo-liberal policy in the UK and India in the achievement of millenium development goals. Mary runs the Teacher Solidarity website:

Walton Pantland (MA 2008-10) wrote his dissertation on the subject of whether cyberunionism offered a model for union renewal. Walton runs the Cyberunions website ( and contributes to the website and online resources of Union Solidarity International:

Ariel Castro (MA 2008-09) wrote his dissertation around a comparative analysis of trade union education models in the Phillipines and the UK. Ariel now works for the ILO but came to the UK as head of education for the Phillipines TUC. In 2009 Ariel contributed a chapter to the GURN publication Trade Unions 2009 - Strategies for Confronting the Global Crisis, Multilateralism and Trade and Investment Agreements:

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