Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ruskin College: Grassroots activism since 1899

Just returning from a great time with international, European and UK trade unionists. First stop Rome for 2 days with trade unions allied to a European TU project on safeguarding the interests of older workers. Then onto the TUC Grassroots event on Saturday to run a stall (with my colleague Tracy Walsh - who co-ordinates the TU and labour studies BA at Ruskin). As you can see from the pictures the TUC event was also a great way to meet up with friends old and new.

Thanks again to Becky Wright (Director of the TUC's Organising Academy) for enabling Ruskin to have a presence at Saturday's event, and for putting together an impressive opportunity to explore the intersection between trade unionism and community organising - truly a major opportunity to secure social justice for workers and the communities they belong to.

But of course, this has been the mission of Ruskin College since its creation in 1899, so we were very pleased to be at the start of a modern push to explore a new approach to a traditional role of labour movements both in the UK and globally.

Tracy Walsh and I proudly promoting
Ruskin College at Grassroots
Standing in the Forum next to the Colliseum
in Rome on Friday

TUC Grassroots presented an installation created
by students from Goldsmiths comprising placards from
demonstrations in 2011
Outgoing MA ILTUS student Ben Egan pictured
with incoming MA student Jayne Pinder - both organisers
with the NUT

Ruskin is proud of its association with Amnesty International's
Trade Union Network. Shane Enright (pictured here) is AI's TU
Campaigns Managers
& Global TU Adviser - what a great job!
Ellie O'Hagen (just returning from the UK Uncut
party outside Nick Clegg's house) introducing
UNITE's community organising

In Solidarity


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