Sunday, 11 December 2011



Multinationals think they can get away with anything - and this includes Nespresso in its coffee-growing activity in Latin America. Support the campaign by the fine people behind SOLIDAR buy watching the video and sending an e-mail to George Clooney.

SOLIDAR backs its campaign against Nespresso with the following statement:

“Solidar Suisse has been committed to improving these intolerable conditions on the coffee plantations in Nicaragua for years. And we have been successful. Last year, we advised more than 15,000 people and were involved in over 4,000 court cases, 95 per cent of which reached a successful conclusion. And we are not going to give up. Not until the last plantation owner notices that every plantation worker is a human being and not a slave. And when all the multinational coffee dealers ensure that coffee pickers finally earn a decent wage, too.”

In Solidarity


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