Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rank & File


In October Haymarket Books are publishing a revised and expanded version of this phenomenally important, classic text by Alice Lynd and Staughton Lynd.

Why is this book so important? Because it provides an oral history account of how men and women forged the American labour movement and of how this was done despite the bureaucracy of the 'official' trade union movement.

If you are particularly interested in how we address the modern challenges of labour movement renewal, discover how labour movements start, from stories by the people that started them.

You will be able to order the new edition of Rank & File from PM Books which is a good place to look for books on the labour movement and left in the US:



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Ash said...

Thanks Ian,

I've read something by Lynd befoere - something he co-authored with Howard Zinn.

Anyway, I'd agree, a must read for any good trade unionist.