Friday, 27 May 2011

We are a Union Town!


Please take a moment to watch, and download, the fantastic song Union Town, sung by Tom Morello.

The song is quite literally the soundtrack to the momentous trade union victory in Wisconsin.

But that fight goes on and the organisation Save Workers provides a great site (and link to video/song) to get updates on the fight to protect union rights in the US.

Visit the site today:

In Solidarity



John Clements said...

Thanks Ian - what a fantastic song! Do you know the latest in relation to Michogan? John

Ian Manborde said...

Hi John,

Just replied - but to the wrong message in the wrong post - sorry!

To re-cap - for best coverage use LabourStart, but good coverage too by AFL-CIO and SEIU.



Peter Chigana said...

Hello Ian,

Another interesting piece on your blog.

I have downloaded the song/video and have forwarded to colleagues - the situation in the US seems 'lively' to use a phrase of yours!

Take care and best wishes


Pete Eden said...

Fantastic song!

Thanks for posting this link Ian.

It was great to see the video too, how inspiring. Without this information I think we tend to get a disjointed view in the UK of the US rightwing being in total domination of events.

Keep up the blogging!


Ian Manborde said...

Hello Peter,

Apologies for the delay to replying to your comnment but many thanks for following the posted item to the Save Workers web site and downloading Tom Morello's song.

Hope all is well and look forward to getting your next e-mail.

Best wishes


ShopSteward85 said...

Great song for an even better campaign!