Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Photos from the UCU/NUS Demo 10.11.10


I am pleased to say that the UCU branch of Ruskin College and the Ruskin Students Union were out in full force at the packed demo against the coalition HE education cuts today in London.

I have placed my photos on Flikr, see link below, and you can see a couple here.

I am trying to get my videos onto YouTube but it's not as simple as I had thought. Please try searching YouTube using my name or NUS/UCU demo.




Val said...

Great pictures Ian, hope it wasn't you who helped to kick off the trouble!


Emiliano Zapata said...

Your movement is literally 'juvenile' as it has taken the young to show the old how to respond to the neoliberal assault on education in your country, why is this? Perhaps your movement is beyond decay and ossification and it is only a parallel phases of development, outwith your stagnant structures, that can recreate alternative, radical opposition to the centralist conservatism of your 'labour' party. And just what exactly did your heirs of New Labour promise but nothing more different than your coalition; the same pain, but at a slower rate of physical assault. The UK is a parody of the US, no wonder the 'special relationship' blossoms as the world burns.

Muhammed said...

Hello Ian,

A great set of pictures, well done for capturing the great mood of those attending. I can't help thinking though the the violence, albeit amongst a few, allowed the coalition to move the focus away from the rationale of the march and towards the assault on tory hq.

Maybe you will say the coalition would never directly engage with the march per se, but all the same violence on these first demos against the cuts will, in my view, dampen down the likelihood that 'mainstream' Brits will take to the streets in their genuine concern about the cuts, and we mustn't do anything that might make this likely.

No doubt you will have some long-winded reply and I will have to sit in silence and listen but hey, I haven't seen you for some time so it might be a good reason for a meet up/drink!


ShopSteward85 said...


Ignore the blether from that Emiliano character (who is he do you know him?) the pictures are great and really do capture the mood of the day.

I just dropped you a note regarding the accompanying video to say that you have done well to record what (hopefully) is the start of the fightback. Try and get yourself to other events and you will our very own history man!

Peter Chigana said...

Great pictures Ian. Well done!

Peter C.