Sunday, 3 October 2010

Welcome to the MA ILTUS @ Ruskin


This weekend a group of 25 international trade union activists and officers gathered at Ruskin College for the introductory workshop of the MA that I run at Ruskin College in international labour and trade union studies (ILTUS).

This highly talented and experienced group comprised representatives of several countries and of a number of UK trade unions including the NUJ, GMB, COMMUNITY and NIPSA.

I wish the new cohort all the very best over the next 12 or 24 months and I know that what they gain from the MA will go straight back into building the international labour movement.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful BLog, very well explained.thanks for sharing such a nice blog!
UK trade

Ian Manborde said...

Thanks Aidan for your supportive comments!

Val said...

Yes, a great blog! Val K.

Carol J said...

Good luck to the new cohort. I hope they get as much out of their participation in the MA (ILTUS) as I did!

Carol (2008-2010 MA ILTUS)

Ariel Castro said...

Congratulations, Ian and to MA ILTUS colleagues! May the tribe increase!
All the best!

Ian Manborde said...

Thanks Carol and Ariel,

In your great earlier steps the new students will follow. They are a fantastic bunch and a great credit to Ruskin and the MA.

Take care.