Sunday, 24 October 2010



Earlier this year I congratulated the part-time MA ILTUS cohort 2008-10 for completing the MA with the submission of their dissertations.

I would like now to congratulate them further with the announcement that all five students have been awarded the MA following the MA exam board at Ruskin last Friday.

So, Carol, Linda, Walton, Ant and Ricky my very best wishes to you all!



Carol J said...


Many thanks! It was a relief to get the results from the Exam Board, and I'm really glad that we all passed at the same time.

thanks to you, Sue and the rest of the staff at Ruskin for running a great course, and giving us such a good 2 years of study,

Cheers, Carol

Ian Manborde said...

Thanks Carol,

It was an absolute pleasure to help you, Rick, Linda, Ant and Walton secure their MAs.

All being well I'll see you in Amsterdam for the celebrations!


Peter Chigana said...

Congratulations to the latest graduates of the Ruskin MA, a great achievement!

Peter Chigana