Monday, 26 April 2010

Tenerife Libre!


In my last post I used the unfortunate term' short' to refer to an impending holiday in Tenerife.

As you all now know, subject to the volcanish ash from Iceland my 'short' stay was all but that and I only managed to get home last Saturday!

Please bear with me as I get to grips with outstanding e-mails etc., and will post an item over the next week.




Paulski said...

"Volcanic ash" indeed. Any excuse for a few extra days swigging sangria.

Jenni Ashton said...

Dear Paulski,

I was stuck on Tenerife too and I don't blame anyone for using the extended stay for a little more cultural investigaton!

Ian - how did you manage to get back to the UK before I did?

See you at the next weekend course hopefully.


Paulski said...

Jenni Ashton -

I know. I'm just envious...

Ian Manborde said...

Envy will destroy you brother!