Friday, 18 December 2009

International Migration Day


Another year of challenges and successes for the global labour movement - and what a year ahead what with the UK's general election, the backlash over whatever comes out of Copenhagen, the start of the withdrawal from Afghanistan etc etc.

But before I call it a day and shut up shop for Christmas, can I give a plug for the ITUC's International Migration Day.

Further details of the event can be seen at:

Quite rightly the ITUC has put its day of action in the following context:

Within the framework of the international protection mechanisms provided by the UN and in particular the ILO, migrants should be able to exercise in full their rights to freedom of association and trade union organisation, of which they are too often deprived. They should also be entitled to an adequate social welfare system and more ethical recruitment procedures.

Sadly however the UK experience alone tends to portray a wholly different picture of the migrant experience.

And so, next year I look forward to working as project manager for the GFTU with several partners on a project designed to protect vulnerable workers, and in particular migrant workers, from workplace and social exploitation.

I'll use the blog to launch the project and provide periodic insights to progress/action etc.

In the meantime can I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and solidaristic holiday and the very best for a challenging, inspiring 2010!



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Jonny said...

Didn't know about this - thank you!