Sunday, 1 November 2009

An Early Warning


Can I encourage you to visit the Unions Together website ( and sign the online petition which is sharing details of an exposure of the Tory's intentions in relations to industrial action ballots should they win the next general election?

In an article in The Guardian on 29th October the plans are revealed as an aspect of the Conservatives' comments on the current CWU dispute with Royal Mail. The article state:

The Tories are looking at introducing laws setting new minimum turnout thresholds for strike ballots on the basis that they can only be lawful disputes if a majority of those being called out on strike have voted for it in a ballot. In the case of the Royal Mail dispute there was a clear majority for the strike among those voting, but not among the total workforce.

The full article is at:

Clearly the article (based partly on comments by Ken Clark - shadow BIS Secretary) illustrate the way in which the Tories have been critically determining their anti-union agenda whilst in opposition and attempting to undermine, amongst other areas of our organisation, trade union democracy.

The fact that many of the hurdles over which trade unions must jump are relics of Thatcherite dogma is a perverse illustration of the desperate desire on the part of sons and daughters of Thatcher to carry on her work.

No question is being asked this time round (although please do comment), can you instead please sign the Unions Together petition and spread the word ?



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