Thursday, 28 May 2009

Educate, Agitate, Organise!


Given the time of year please excuse this naked marketing attempt to promote first class educational opportunities for trade unionists at two of the best trade union education institutions in the UK and internationally.

The Access to Higher Education Diploma at Northern College, Barnsley is aimed at those without a degree but who have significant experience of activism:

It aims to encourage activists to link what they do as activists with related subjects and so develop study and analytical skills.

You can get further information by going to:

MA and BA options in International Labour & Trade Union Studies are available at Ruskin College, Oxford.

The BA blurb states:
You develop a depth of knowledge and complexity of analytical skills. You will be equiped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed on the degree course and, where this is the desired outcome for you, provided with a suitable academic grounding if you wish to progress to Masters level of study.

The MA (on which I teach) states:
Labour movements worldwide are seen as being in crisis and are actively seeking ways of renewal. These issues are closely linked with globalisation and with fluidity among emergent transitional and developing states and countries. Ruskin’s place in the labour movement, together with academic staff researching, writing and teaching in the field, puts it in a good position to become a centre of debate and scholarship in this project. The Ruskin MA offers practitioners and scholars of such challenges the conceptual, analytical and critical framework for understanding and explaining labour movement change.

Further information is available at:

Please note also that there is an open day for the MA/BA on Saturday 13th June. Contact me if you are interested.

I would be very grateful if you would forward the information above to anyone in the movement who wishes to develop greater knowledge of the challenges that face us and the methods to address them.




Paulski said...

Ian - just a quick test to see if I've got the hang of a) Google accounts, and, b) how to post a comment on here.

Nice blog by the way. I look forward to lowering the tone.

Ian Manborde said...


Glad to see that you are engaging with the possibilities of cyberspace!

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Paulski said...

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