Monday, 2 February 2009

UNION Friday: 15 May 2009


We are at a tipping point in UK electoral history as the BNP work hard to gain a seat in the European parliament during the Euro elections in May.

The lack of remorse and shame of the people is writ large as they try and embed themselves within the striking energy workers. Angry strikers however are not people you should manipulate, as this Channel 4 news clip shows:

As trade unionists across the UK we must do as the strikers at the Lindsey refinery have done and tell these racists directly that they have no place in a civilised society, and certainly no part in standling alongside trade unionists engaged in industrial action.

The Union Friday initiative forms part of Searchlight's Hope not Hate campaign and calls upon trade union branches to affirm their opposition to the BNP. Please push this colleagues and use whatever levers you can at a regional and national level to gain wider support. Get more info:

As significant political or industrial struggle however needs more than union motions I ask you one further favour which is to support the leafleting and campaigning activity on the ground in your own neighbourhoods. The Stand up and be Counted initiative is, as the name suggests, a request to support directly the work to counter any increase in the BNP's share of the Euro votes:

It goes without saying that it is up to each of us to do our part - an increase in electoral support for the BNP is unthinkable.




SUNNY said...

I have signed up but not received any material - how long does it take?

Ian Manborde said...


Give ut a few days and you'll get a message from Nick Lowles at Searchlight.

Thanks for signing up.



TGWU Rep said...


Yes, I have had my e-mail now and am working on proposing the Searchlight motion at next our branch meeting at the end of Feb. All being well I can get it onto the agenda of the the West Mids regional council meeting before May and agree some funding/action on this.

TGWU Rep said...


Forgot to say as well that I am trying to get our CLP to agree on some action around this as well.

Ian Manborde said...

Thanks TGWU Rep,

Any support for the campaign will be greatly appreciated.



Jaswant said...


Thanks for posting this item - I'll ask the branch chair to follow this one up.


Ian Manborde said...

Hi Jas,

If you could put some pressure on your branch chair that would be great. I am sure sure your branch has funds to spare to support the campaign.