Sunday, 31 August 2008

A New Academic Year: Northern College Diploma in Trade Union Studies


Tomorrow I join other tutors for a meeting at Northern College to, amongst other things, examine the new educational programme of UNITE.

In addition I'll be meeting colleagues who I work with at Northern to review the priorities for this academic year.

As many of my colleagues will tell you it's difficult to avoid getting bogged down in the bureacuracy that oversees adult learning in the UK and at the same time monitor trends across the movement. But we manage this somehow which makes Northern's educational provision for the trade union movement amongst the best in the UK.

Within that provision I'd like to promote the College's diploma in trade union studies. It is just the right vehicle for any activist who wants to gain a higher level qualification and/or pursue a career within a trade union.

To gain more information please go to or ring my colleague Sheila Robinson on 01226 776000.



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