Thursday, 12 June 2008

UMF - Tory Style

Would you like a large cheque from David Cameron?

There was a very interesting article in The Times on Tuesday which strongly hinted that the Tories might consider the continuity of the Union Modernisation Fund (UMF) should they be elected at the next general election. Have a look at the article:

When I mentioned this to a close friend his only thought was that under Thatcher there had been very significant activity to 'modernise' the movement - and look at what happened then!

So, what would the UMF look like under Cameron. Would it be partnership, partnership, partnership?

Comments sought.




Ian Manborde said...


It is not normally the case that I would lead on the feedback to a post.

However, I have been with several close TU friends over the period since I posted the UMF item and I have uncovered several divergent views.

First, there are the pragmatists. They will take money from anyone.

Second, there are the reformers. They aim to carry on with the original UMF ethos and change TU culture/practice. They see themselves as enlightened reformers.

Last. Those colleagues that say (at least at this stage) that they will refuse to take Tory money.

Interesting times.

Comments please.


Nobert said...

The Tories should seek to finish off what Thatcher started.

Look at the striking Shell drivers - why should they be able to stop decent people going about their lawful business

the blog that you have is irrelavanet - who care what unions do anymore?

Muhammed said...

Hi Ian,

The UMF discussions are interesting but I have an even more controversial idea which is that the Tories continue the ULF.

The UMF has in no way delivered to actual trade union members what the ULF has.

True, the ULF has a longer historical legacy but, the UMF projects I know about have been more about tinkering around with the union's themselves.

Yes, the UMF was about modernisation but, what about the members.

If we have to take Tory money let it be for the benefit of members not just to shore up the bureaucrats!


PS That Norbert geezer who sent the last item. I take it this wretch doesn't work for a living - if he did he'd know why you need unions!